Best 5 Solar Refrigerator and Solar Freezer Buying Guide 2020

Efficient refrigerators which run on solar panels would be most efficient, lowest energy consumption option available for your home. Super-efficient electric refrigerators and freezers which are designed with 3 to 5 inches of insulation uses only up to one third energy of most standard units.

A solar fridge that runs on batteries actually uses a combination of solar panels and lead batteries. The batteries are used as a backup which runs overnight on days without much sunlight. They are effective, but this type of solar fridge has many disadvantages as well. For example, they are very expensive and the batteries are heavy which gets worse in hot climates, are maintenance concentrated and lasts only about three years. It has to be made sure that the batteries are disposed properly, else they might leak and cause lead pollution.

This article would show you few of the bests solar designed refrigerators which would seem the best choice for smaller power systems. Other portable refrigerators can be found here, 12v refrigerator are available for you here.

Grape Solar GS-CF-2.75-Fab1 Glacier DC/AC Fridge/Freezer

Grape Solar GS-CF-2.75=Fab1 Glacier DC/AC 2.75 cu. ft. Fridge/Freezer, is solar compatible and supports either 12V DC or 120V AC input.  Durability is very important in a portable freezer it is built with a steel cabinet for extra durability.

It is a true DC compressor freezer which can freeze down to 0 degrees F (-18 degrees C).  it comes with an easy-to-read digital display and soft-touch buttons which keep you well informed and makes it easy for adjustment the temperature fast and accurately.  It has a built-in Turbo function which instantly cools the freezer to the desired temperature. The memory function proceeds the cooling action set by you after a power interruption.


Has a storage capacity of 2.75 cu. ft. chest-style.

Is portable and runs on 12V DC or 120V AC

The Steel cabinet and steel lid provide extra durability

Cools down to 0 degrees F (-18 degrees C)

Extremely powerful and high-efficiency DC compressor provides worry-free performance when connected to a 12V solar kit

Easy to read and use digital LED display and soft-touch buttons to control the temperature fast and accurately when used as a fridge or freezer

Turbo function instantly cools freezer to desired temperature

Memory function returns the system to the desired temperature in case of power outage.

Double-coated organization baskets

Large steel carrying handles are strong enough to tie-down points

Solar panels necessary for solar operation are not included

Both AC and DC power cords supports to work with Grape Solar PV Kit

Dimensions are 20.1D x 20H x 35.9W inches and it weighs 59 lbs.

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Engel MT80-U1 Dual Voltage 84-Quart Fridge/Freezer 12V/24V/110V

This is the largest capacity portable fridge/freezer.  Engel holds a good reputation in the industry for fridge/freezers and this model being one of the reasons.  It is highly efficient and its reliable Engel Swing Motor Compressor draws up to 40% less power than a normal compressor.

Very efficient for traveling as an RV refrigerator, camping, boats, or even for your home.  The Automatic switching it has changes power from 12/24 volts DC to 110 volts AC.


Solar Compatible

84 Quart multi-voltage 12V/24V DC and 110V AC large capacity portable fridge/freezer

Strong, made for durability has a steel outer case with melamine coating, vibration resistant, strong removable handles and a lid

Powerful, high-efficiency Compressor which draws up to 40% less power than a traditional compressor

Capable of include operation up to 30 degrees off level

Switches between 12/14 volts DC to 110V AC voltage power automatically

Dimensions are 31.1L x 19.3W x 21.7H inches and weighs 86 lbs.

Includes standard AC cord and AC plug

DC cord does not support car adapter and might need a dedicated DC connection to a DC power source.

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Edgestar FP861 86 Quart Portable Fridge/freezer – Grey

This product gets full marks for its easy-to-use controls and dual fridge and freezer compartments.  Exactly what many people looks for this fridge/freezers supports storage of both refrigerator and freezer items at the same time.  It comes with a Fast-Freezer mode that instantly cools down the freezer to -8 degrees, maintain it.   The “Low” indicator, indicates you to switch to a different power source when the power is running low before it shuts down.  Efficiency of this Edgestar model has solid, strong and heavy-duty insulation.  This outdoor refrigerator and freezer is what every campers, hunters, boaters would be looking for. This combination fridge/freezer helps you keep your food cold and ready to eat. It is great for camping using solar power.


86-Quart strong and portable refrigerator with freezer

Separate freezer and refrigerator compartments and highly-efficient

Comes with a fast Freeze feature which cools the freezer down to -8 degrees F

Strong, solid strength construction and materials with heavy-duty insulation

Easy-to-use controls with an adjustable thermostat which can cool food items between -8 and 50 degrees F

Side-grip comfort handles for easy transportation

Built-in liquid draining feature is perfect for manual defrosting

“Low” indicator to warn in case of power outage so that an alternative source can be connected

Small and large wire storage and organization baskets

Includes AC and DC portable adapters which can be used for both for household wall sockets and vehicle power ports

Dimensions are 23-6/16H x 28-3/16W x 18-12/16D inches and weighs 66 lbs.


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Dometic CF-080AC110 Portable Freezer/Refrigerator

This is one of the premier suppliers of portable fridge/freezers and Dometic CF-080AC110 Portable Freezer/Refrigerator is a perfect example. This can also be used as solar Freezer/Refrigerator.

Its polymer coated metal cabinet and three-stage battery monitor with low-voltage shutoff, and lightweight design, this model is very portable and perfect for travellers.


Comes with 85 Quart portable freezer and refrigerator along with 12/24V DC and 110V AC operation

This is suitable for operation with solar power sources and features a reliable and well-organized Danfoss compressor

Attractive, durable, strong and metal cabinet is weather-resistant

Electric thermostat helps in cooling down to 0 degrees F (-17 degrees C)

Quick Chill Turbo Function helps the compressor to perform best and to maximum until the desired temperature has been reached

Memory feature maintain pre-set settings if there is a power interruption

Three-stage battery monitor has a low voltage shut-off to protect against a dead battery

Comes with solar Freezer Dometic CF-080AC110 80 Liter Portable Fridge/Freezer

Build with LED readout and soft-touch buttons

Adjustable and removable lid mounts

Includes a coated wire grid divider to keep foods from sticking to the walls

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