Best Beverage Refrigerator Review 2020

A beer bottle fridge is in reality a beverage refrigerator which is designed mainly to hold cans and not bottles of your favourite beverages.  Most of the small refrigerators hold close to 100 cans and hold only up to 40 bottles upright in your beer bottle fridge on adjusting the shelves.

Our recommended Beverage Refrigerator

Wine Enthusiast Evolution Series Compact Wine & Beverage Center, Stainless Steel
  • STYLISH HOME BAR - Sleek in design and state-of-the-art in performance, the Evolution Series Wine & Beverage Center by Wine Enthusiast is sure to bring your home bar or game room to a whole new level.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT COMPRESSOR - Offers the top-quality wine storing compressor technology of a larger more expensive wine cooler, without the noise and energy consumption.
  • 34F-43F TEMPERATURE RANGE - Get your beverages as cold as possible without fear of them freezing and bursting. Easily set the temperature with the digital touchscreen thermostat panel while the double paned glass door provides thermal insulation.
  • FITS UP TO 90 12OZ SODA CANS - With a capacity of 4 cubic feet, this beverage refrigerator has more than enough space to accommodate your favorite wines, beers, sodas or water. It conveniently includes 2 shelves and a basket for oversized bottles.
  • DIMENSIONS - Compact beverage center measures: 25.5" Height x 17" Wide x 18.75" Deep.

Most of the people prefer having bottles as they have a labelling characteristic with the name of the beer on the bottle cap and cans don’t have them.  Unlike cans, it is easy for you to stack bottles on their sides and still know what kind of beer is in the bottle.  Storing them horizontally may help you in getting all those bottles in your refrigerator.

Though it is not ideal, it can considerably increase the storage capacity of your beer bottle fridge.

Few beverage fridges on our list are designed to hold beer cans or bottles.

Wine Enthusiast Evolution Series Beverage Center Review

The Wine Enthusiast Evolution Series is, undoubtedly the best beer fridge you can have. As its name says, this beverage centre is designed specifically to hold cans and bottles, with a storage capacity of 2.2-cu.-ft. This is the smallest unit among the others in the list. But Its smart layout can hold up to 86 cans, that is as much beer as many larger fridges hold.

Based on estimation it would use about $18 of electricity a year, which is more than most mini fridges. it maintains a stable temperatures from top to bottom, so that the fridge can to take care of even the most sensitive beverages.

This fridge would cost you more than $200 making it one of the expensive units.  But it would definitely be money well spent due to its smooth glass door design, easy-to-use controls, and adjustable shelving.

Price not available

Igloo 3.2-Cu.-Ft. Platinum Fridge Review

The Igloo FR322 3.2-cu.-ft. Platinum Fridge is your best choice for you, If you’re just looking for a cool place to store your beverage without making it difficult to garb a cold one. It holds an impressive 100 cans making it possible for you to use some space for salsa and onion

The Igloo is a mini fridge and is comprehensive with a can dispenser on the door and a small freezer at the top. So be careful while placing your beverage. As the cans at the top row may start to freeze if kept for too long, as the temperatures at the top would be colder than the bottom.

This fridge may vary in price range. The silver platinum door is the costlier at about $158 and a bright orange version would come for $119 with free Prime shipping. There are many colour options available, like white, black, blue, purple, red, and even lime to choose from.

Price not available

Danby Contemporary Classic Chrome Line Review

Consider the Danby Contemporary Classic Chrome Line Special Edition mini fridge in scarlett metallic red if you are retro lover and if you do not have a particular budget. With the storage capacity of 4.4-cu.-ft. it has chrome trim on the door, black interior lining, glass shelves, and white LED lights makes it super stylish.

Not only this fridge is stylish, This Danby is considered one of its best in performance and is a combination of style and substance.

Taking its style and performance under consideration this beauty is costlier. This fridge runs between $300 and $350, double the price as of its competitors. This special edition is newly launched and it is not easily available with most on the major retailers. This would be the best choice for you, if you don’t want to comprise on the style and can comprise on the price.


Danby Budweiser Stars & Stripes Review

Danby Budweiser mini fridge has a chip-resistant stars-and-stripes finish and is a great conversation starter. You may not find it much stylish, and the 3.3-cu.-ft. interior is quite straightforward.

This might look like a novelty fridge with no substance, but it gives a decent performance. It holds about 15 fewer cans than the, but its temperature is more stable and best budget fridge. The type and amount of beer you consume would decide whether you should go for the quantity of cans your fridge holds or the quality of the cooling your fridge supports.

The price of the Bud-branded version is $150, but the price may vary if you want a conventional black or white finish.

Price not available

NewAir 126-Can Beverage Center Review

The NewAir AB-1200 126-cancooler is an essential beverage centre. It has a great look and feel, with its glass door, silver trim, blue LED lighting, and adjustable shelves.

Though, the top shelf is few degrees warmer than the bottom. Hence you have to be careful while placing your beer and may have to adjust the interior temperature accordingly. If the upper shelf has the right temperature, the lower shelf may get warmer and if the bottom is right, the top shelf might freeze. Additionally, this fridge can only fit 118 cans at once and not 126 cans as it claims to.

The price for beverage fridge would be $283, which is on a greater side for a fridge that can’t compete with options like the Wine Enthusiast.


Danby 3.3-Cu.-Ft. Beverage Center Review

This esteemed model is perfect with the spacious interior. It is also an impressive beverage center. The glass-front glass door with stainless-steel trim helps in keeping the drink cool with a consistent temperatures from top to bottom. But, it only fit 85 cans.

Prominently, though, it’s really easily found and so it is available in with most of the major retailers, at a consistently low price. A bit below 200$ is what you would need to know this Danby and is the cheapest beverage centre we have in the list.


Haier 3.2-Cu.-Ft. Mini Fridge Review

The Haier HC32SA42SB 3.2-cu.-ft. mini fridge is just fine and can actually get colder than the Igloo.

It also has the smallest capacity of all the models in the list. Even by using the most creative way with the arrangement, it would only fit 83 cans, which is not too impressive when compared to the Igloo which can fit in 100 cans.

The price of this fridge is about $180, with hardly any stand out factors.

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