Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review 2020

Bottom-freezer refrigerators are recommended than top-freezers due to their more suitable design. Most of the French-door comes with bottom freezers. And also come with two piece doors which can be accommodated in the smaller kitchens as well. Clicking on the subheadings will bring you to the corresponding article that will explain each type of bottom freezer in detail.

Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with water dispenser

Fisher Paykel RF170BLPUX6 Bottom Mount Counter Depth Refrigerator with 17.6 Cu. Ft.

This Bottom Mount Counter Depth Refrigerator from Fisher Paykel comes with 17.6 Cu. Ft. capacity for storage. It has features like internal ice maker, integrated water dispenser, door storage, humidity control system and pocket handle.

Easy operations

These refrigerators are designed to give you maximum storage space with flexible shelves and several storage options.

Humidity Control System

The Humidity Control System in combination with ActiveSmart  Foodcare creates an individual cooling temperature for each food bin and helps in maintaining the quality of your fruit and vegetables  by providing an optimal temperature for all your foods in it..

Easy Cleaning

With the Removable, spill safe glass shelves cleaning the interior become easy and with drips and spills in the shelves it prevents the leaks from spreading to the shelves below.


With the ultimate storage space and shelving options it becomes easy to customize your refrigerator for different uses. Its Quality extension runners make it easy to slide out fully loaded trays and makes loading and unloading easy in the refrigerator and freezer. This removable storage bins makes food preparation and cleaning easier.


ActiveSmart refrigerators cools, defrosts and uses energy only when needed, providing ultimate food care.

Ultra Slim Water Dispenser

The slim and space saving water dispenser is easy to use. This tall water dispenser easily fits tall bottles and cans and makes filing water easy and spill safe. Moreover, takes no storage space in your fridge door.

Internal Ice Maker

The ice maker provides fresh ice into a devoted bin and can be easily modified to store different capacities or can be simply turned off to free up freezer bin space. Ice Boost mode comes with an option to increase ice production by up to 30%. So you can be sure of having an extra ice in store for you.

Best Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Kenmore Elite 73165 28.5 cu. ft. French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

This 28.5 cu. ft. Grab-N-Go Refrigerator Keeps Everything in Reach.

The Kenmore Elite 73165 French door refrigerator comes with a feature like Grab-N-Go Door. This feature helps to keep most frequently used items in a separate refrigerator compartment making it more accessible to you from the outside with a simple push of a button. So, you don’t have to your fridge more often and it prevent air loss and keep your food inside the fridge fresh for long.


The Active Finish in this refrigerator gives it a sleek look of a stainless steel, which is fingerprint-resistant and us easy to clean and comes with a holding magnets.

High-efficiency insulation panels is space saving and provide maximum insulation giving you more storage space for food and keeps it fresh.

Slim-in-Door Ice dispenser in the top shelf provides you with ice at convenience and lets you stores more in the door with convenient door bins.

With the LED lighting inside the refrigerator it helps in making it easy to access items in the fridge without interfering with storage space.

Water filter located in the ceiling of the refrigerator also helps you to have more usable top shelf space.

The LED lighting in the bottom of fresh food doors brighten the freezer bins making the frozen food easy to locate.

GeniusCool Technology in combination with the Digital Temperature Control, Electronic Sensors, and Multi Air Flow provides perfect temperature performance for maximum freshness of your food.

The Compressor reacts quickly to temperature fluctuations and provides optimal cooling for every type of food your refrigerator has.

Electronic Temperature Sensors has multiple temperature points and provides response for optimum temperature organization.

The Multi Air Flow Technology has thoughtfully positioned vents to allocate cool air consistently throughout refrigerator keeping the food fresh for long.

The Pantry Drawer comes with temperature controls with custom temperature settings which is ideal for Meat, fruits and vegetable and helps to preserve freshness by storing items at their ideal temperature.

AirTight Crisper helps in retaining weight and moisture for long when compared to a standard crisper bin. That helps in ullimate frshness of your fruits and vegetables keeping it fresh and safe to consume.

The CleanFlow Air filter purifies the water and provide you with clean and odourless water.

With the simple select dispenser at your fingertips, getting Chilled filtered water and ice becomes easy.

Water and air filter change indicators, indicates you when its time to change the filter for maximum hygiene and freshness.

This unit is energy star certified. This makes you save money and energy.

The Dual SlideAway Shelves slides back and create more space for you, so you can store awkward sized or taller items like wine bottles and pitchers with ease.

3 separate drawers help you in organizing your food leaving it easy to access

The Tilt-N-Take Freezer Door comes with a convenience to access to frozen foods without opening the entire drawer

Grab-N-Go door

This refrigerator has specially designed bin to store cheese and butter bin

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Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator without ICE Maker

The Whirlpool 19.7 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator

The Whirlpool 19.7 cu. ft French Door Refrigerator is designed to help you stay organized with easy-to-access shelves and clear drawers.

You can grab all your ingredients in one go; hence it helps in saving energy with additional 12 percent of energy saving on the Adaptive Defrost.

The sophisticated French-door style with bottom-freezer is a style that is mostly desired by consumers but is seldom avoided because of its space restrictions.

This Whirlpool 30″ French Door Refrigerator is compact on the outside though it offers ample storage space on the inside which makes it suitable for all your grocery needs.

This compact 19.7 cu. ft footprint design comes with the style of the Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator that will fit any smaller kitchen spaces.

Food preservation is improved in this unit with the Adaptive Defrost, which defrost automatically when necessary

The FreshFlow produce preserver reduces common food odors and keeps the food fresh and safe to consume.

SpillsSafe glass shelves making cleaning easy and the spills in the glass helps in preventing the leaks from spreading to the shelves below.

Adjustable shelving helps you to organise your food accordingly and gives you maximum utilization of storage space.

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Single Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Kenmore 69313 19 cu. ft. Single Door Bottom Freezer – Stainless Steel

This Kenmore 19 cu. ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator is designed to keep your foods well organised, with the Adjustable full-width shelves, large door storage and crisper drawers. This storage helps in keeping your foods fresh and at eye-level making it more accessible.

With these feature finding snacks and other items in the fridge becomes easier. The Spill-proof shelves help in keeping your fridge clean. The adjustable door bins can easily be removed for a quick rinse. You can stock up on additional food with this 19 cu ft storage capacity Kenmore 69313 bottom-freezer fridge.

Enough Space for the Groceries

This Kenmore fridge has 19 cu. ft. of interior space helps you accommodate all your grocery needs and gives you maple storage for them all.

Easy Organization

With the adjustable spill-proof shelves and 2 crisper drawers gives you many organisation options. Spill proof shelves can be adjusted to accommodate any large sized items with easy and humidity controlled crisper drawers helps keep you produce fresh for longer.

In-Door Storage

With the adjustable door bins, it becomes easy to store all tall items and beverages. Since the bins can be customized for tall items, you can have more storage space for your food.

Freezer Organization

This Kenmore bottom freezer is designed to accommodate all you frozen food and keep them well organized with a slide-out drawer and a durable wire shelf.