Best Kenmore Refrigerator Review 2020

Kenmore brand and Kenmore Refrigerators was introduced in 1927 as a Sears laundry appliance. They are known to have sold over 1 million laundry items since then.  Kenmore started Producing Though refrigerators in 1977, much later after the company’s introduction.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, the company licensed out the Kenmore brand to refrigerator manufacturers like Whirlpool or other brands that was looking to expand their lines.

Kenmore gradually started making appliances by outside manufacturers and the company has a very good handle on the quality these manufacturers must provide.

These are few products made by the company for your consideration when planning to bag one of them. Already own one and maybe only want to replace parts? You can find new replacement drawers for your Kenmore refrigerators here!

Kenmore 50023 25 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator – Stainless Steel Review

Kenmore 25 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Fridge allows you put fresh food within reach. This spacious refrigerator fits more fresh food and delicious leftovers and stores them for you. Overall storage space gives you a large room to store away snacks, leftover foods and household staples with a room to spare. Gallon door bins help you won’t store the milk, juice or wine and the tight-sealing doors help keep foods fresher for longer time. Adjustable shelves and the door bin helps you organize the fridge according to your needs and keep it easily accessible to you.

This side-by-side Kenmore fridge has a 25 cu. ft. of capacity helps you fit in fresh groceries, snacks and leftovers leaving a bit of extra room.

You get an ample storage and organization options throughout the fridge with the thoughtful designed adjustable spill-proof glass shelving, gallon door bins and clear crisper this refrigerator has.  This helps you customize this fridge the way you wish to fit in your needs by keeping the fridge fully stocked for the family or by keeping party trays chilled before the big event.

The In- door storage has Gallon-sized adjustable door bins, a dairy shelf and tall item accommodation, which helps you grab your most used items like water, juice, and milk quickly. The storage of this fridge is designed to keep even tall wine bottles and wide juice jugs.

The tight-sealed doors and the humidity-controlled crisper drawers and a frost-free freezer keeps you away from worrying about wasting of delicate produce or having to wrestle the ice cream out of the freezer’s frosty grasp.

The built-in water filter reduces water contaminants, like mercury and lead, so you and your family can enjoy fresh, clean ice and water at the press of a button.
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Kenmore 70722 16.7 cu. ft. Freezerless Refrigerator Review

The Kenmore 16.7 cu. ft. Freezerless Refrigerator is perfect as a second fridge for the home or a lunch fridge for the office. It comes with 4 full-width shelves and ladder-style door store which gives you plenty of room to store lunch bags, jugs of juice, cans of soda and even a large collection of salad dressing bottles. The cooling temperature of this freezerless fridge goes as low as 10°F helping it to survive in an environment as cold as 10°F and makes it fit for anywhere in your room or office.

The 2 fixed glass shelves and 2 adjustable glass shelves keep your food fresh and easy to organize making it easy to access your favorite food items in the fridge. Can be found here.

Kenmore 69313 19 cu. ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator Review

This refrigerator helps in keeping your food and staples well organized. Adjustable full-width shelving, generous door storage and humidity-controlled crisper drawers keep foods fresh and at easy to access.

Spill-proof shelving makes it easy for minor mess clean up. The adjustable door bins makes it easy to clean by removing them.

This Kenmore fridge has 19 cu. ft. of interior space is perfect for storing household groceries and leftover with an extra room for treats.

Full-width adjustable spill-proof shelves and 2 crisper drawers give you much interior organization options.  With this refrigerator you can keep your leftovers right and other groceries in the humidity controlled crispers. So, this makes it easy to organise your fridge making it easy for reaching your favourite food items in the fridge.

Storing tall items and beverages alongside staple sauces, dressings and other ingredients become easy with the adjustable door bins. Tall item accommodation gives you more space for bottles of wine and water.

With the bottom freezer you no more have to dig through a pile of frozen food for a bag of peas, as it helps you keep foods nice and organized with a slide out basket and a sturdy wire shelf.