Best Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerators – Review 2020

This article is a sub-part of our main article about top freezer refrigerator, especially featuring Kenmore products.

Kenmore 61215 20.8 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator – Review 2020

This Kenmore refrigerator offers great space for the whole family. It comes with the entire feature to keep your food fresh, gives you ample storage space with style. Designed to have an easy access, this top freezer unit can suit your garages too, without an extra adapter. Adjustable shelves, efficient LED lights and a frost-free freezer make this refrigerator perfect for you and your families. Specifically if you love to keep your food and beverages organized and fresh.

It gives you a total storage space of 20.8 cu. ft. capacity.

The bottom mount crisper drawers help in keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh and safe to consume for longer. It is also designed to slide out fully loaded drawer effortlessly to give you an easy access to the items in the drawer.

The energy efficient led light brightens the interior and makes the items indie the fridge more visible to you making it more accessible for you the find the items you looking for. The LED lights being energy efficient emits less energy and provides a warm and natural light and give you a beautiful looking interior.

The frost-free freezer in this refrigerator keeps the food fresh for longer. So you can pre-cook your lunch and stock it up into the top- mount freezer and still have the food as fresh as it was when you reheat it, without changing its taste or texture.

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Kenmore 60302 14 8 cu ft Top-Freezer Refrigerator – Review 2020

This top freezer refrigerator comes with ample of space for you fresh foods with its 14.8 cu.ft storage capacity. LED lights and glass shelves make it easy to organise and have a clear vivbilty to the foods stored inside.

You get extra shelf storage because of the storage bins on the door. This storage bins will holds all your favourite beverage and oversized drinks like large containers, jugs and 2 liter bottles easily. The cooling system ensures to keep your food fresh while keeping your power bills low.

With the storage capacity of 14.8 cu. ft., this top-freezer refrigerator is sure to fit into any smaller place while giving you ample storage space for all you storage requirements.

This unit is designed to provide enough space to store all the fresh and frozen food inside. The adjustable glass shelves make organising and cleaning the spills easy.

The frost-free freezer function in this refrigerator keeps the food fresh for longer. So you can stock up your leftover food in the freezer and still have the food as fresh as it was when you reheat it, without changing its taste or texture.

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Kenmore 60505 18 cu ft Top Freezer Refrigerator w/ Glass Shelves – Stainless Steel – Review 2020

The Kenmore Stainless Steel Fridge is designed to keep food fresh and organised. This top freezer refrigerator comes with flexible storage options and large door storage. Adjustable glass shelves and a clean sleek design make cleaning and organising the interior easy. The bright LED lights and clear crisper drawers keep the fruits and vegetables fresh and give you an ultimate visibility and access to the items inside.

With the storage space of 18 cu. ft. capacity, this top freezer fridge gives you a good storage space to stock up your food.

While this 18 cu.ft. gives you perfect storage space, this unit is also perfect to fit into any smaller places.

With the Full-width adjustable glass shelves and 2 clear plastic crisper drawers you get flexible interior organization options. You can store your delicious leftovers and lunch bags next to each other, and stack crisp fruits and vegetables in the humidity controlled crispers.

The on-door storage bins lets you fit all the tall items and large sized container with ease and helps in saving up some space in the shelf for an extra storage.

Not only the fridge but the freezer too can be organised for easy access for your frozen foods items, as this Kenmore frost-free top freezer has two door bins and a single shelf.

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Kenmore 76399 10.7 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator w/ Humidity-Controlled Crisper – Black – Review 2020

With the compact design this Kenmore units has a storage space of 10.7 cu. ft. capacity. This Kenmore top-freezer refrigerator makes it a perfect fit for small spaces.

The Full-width Spill glass shelves are built to enhance the storage space and makes cleaning up the minor spills easy. Door storage bins stores large sized containers and keeps frequently used items close at hand. The top-mounted freezer holds your frozen at an optimal temperature. A humidity-controlled crisper drawer helps in keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh for long.

With the entire features you may need in a refrigerator, this compact unit is a perfect fit for you, if you have a limited space.

You get an extra shelf storage space as the Gallon door bins can easily accommodate large container and large bottles. So you have a great space for your favourite beverages and food in this refrigerator.

Spill-proof glass shelves keep helps in easy cleaning and prevent the spills to spread on to the shelves below.

With the bright LED light, finding the items you are looking for in the full loaded fridge becomes simpler.

Automatic defrost is designed to prevent icy build up. It heats the temperature and gently raises it and reduces compressor ice and keeps the food cool and safe at the same time.

This refrigerator is currently not available.