Best Truck Fridge Review 2020

Most people nowadays have to travel long on roads, as part of their job or hobby. Some of you might own RVs or a truck which is evidently for travel enthusiasts who are interested in traveling, camping and vacationers.

In any means, we all wish to have a safe and joyful journey. Especially while on a road trip, there are many challenges you come across, the major concern being the food and drinks.

Not always has it been possible to find the best and decent eating joints when on the road. Some trips turns out to be an unpleasant one, when you are on a lonely road and the place where you can fuel yourself is miles away.

But a good truck refrigerator alongside to keep your food and drinks cool will change your experience altogether.

For travellers, the truck or RV is a home away from home and so a great refrigerator is an investment that helps you in saving money in the long run.

A good truck refrigerator in your cabin will save you the hassles of trying to locate a good eating joint when you are on the road.

Here are the 5 best truck refrigerators that are a must have for every truck driver. In addition, if you need further models or information, we do have articles about portable refrigerators and 12v refrigerators too.

Porta Gaz Silver 3-Way Gas Refrigerator Review

This distinct gas refrigerator can be used in three different forms of power. It’s extremely strong and has a quiet operation which makes it the perfect companion for your truck. This refrigerator is quiet affordable and lasts longer on cooling propane and comes with a propane hose and regulator.

Features: It Is portable and can run on 12v dc vehicle power, 120v ac ad liquid gas power supply. It comes with a magnetic seal and a holder with which it can be safely tied down. The operation of this refrigerator is very quiet and has a power supply indicator along with a propane hose and a thermoset control when connected to 120v AC power supply.

Keep In Mind: It has a very less interior stograge space. The thermostat control does not work, If the device is connected to propane or DC power

ARB 10800472 Fridge Freezer- 50 Quart Review

ARB 10800472 Fridge Freezer is ideal to keep your food and beverages chilled on your journey, regardless of the weather conditions. Though it works on the normal 12 volt cooler, it is a true refrigerator. It is especially designed for truck drivers and travellers who love to spend most of their time on the road and perfect for people who love to be outdoors like going camping and vacationers. It is easy to carry but since it weighs 70lbs and is 30 x 22 x 17 inches dimensions, you will have to create more room in your truck for a perfect fit.

This Refrigerator Comes with stiff and strong holders which makes it ideal to tie down and its large storage space can fits about 72, 12 ounce cans. It has separate compartments, which makes it easier to sort foods and is great for travellers and drivers looking for an extra organization space.

Features: This Truck Fridge come with a crystal clear LED control panel and with an EZ handle with a tight seal which helps in achieving the desired temperature. Cleaning process of this refrigerator becomes easy with a drainage plug that is easily removable while in storage, helping in ventilating the cabinet and also has electric temperature settings.

Keep in Mind: This device consumes a lot of energy which would make your truck battery drain faster and may be too lager in size. You might find it Difficult to clean and is comparatively a bit expensive.

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Black & Decker TC212B Cooler & Warmer Review

This trifling and reasonable cooler and warmer is a great device to keep your food and drinks either warm or cold, depending on the ambient conditions. It has 12V vehicle power outlet. Because of its 12v power usage this model will help in saving your trucks battery from draining off when in use. Though it runs on less power, the cooling capacity is commendable.

Features: This Small machine has an in-built dual cup holder and can be used in 12V vehicle power outlet. The less volt power will help you save your battery and the compact size will help you a lot in saving space too. It is Made with the latest technology thermoelectric heating and cooling and also comes with a side storage.

Keep in Mind: There is no power storing supply available when in the vehicle. You may have to use manual cutoff to save battery. This device might not run on 120v AC power supply.

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Engel MT35 Fridge/Freezer Review

This refrigerator is designed keeping road trips in mind.  A perfectly build machine to keep your food fresh and cool while on the road. It structures the Engel swing motor compressor. It’s highly dependable and it pulls about 1 to 2 Amps per hour. As this device runs on 12V/24V DC battery power it is ideal for road trips and at home, making your life hassle free.

Features: This fridge has a great control over Temperature and comes with easy to remove heavy duty handles. Vibration of this device is resistant to extreme conditions and comes with a AC and DC cord.  The Outer case of this fridge is galvanized with steel and melamine coating.

Keep In Mind: This machine might be quite on the expensive side and is compartivtley heavy

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Koolatron 52-Quart Krusader Cooler Review

This cooler has tough sides and is quite large. It is claimed by the manufacture that this is the biggest 12V cooler the company can offer. It can hold many large cans which can be enough for long trips.

Features: This cooler can accommodate more than 80, 12ounce cans, both horizontally and vertically and come with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. It Has a brushless in-built circulation fan motor and has a cooling capacity of about 40 degrees F below ambient temperatures. Other features which make this a perfect device for trucks are, this device is highly durable, uses less power, has an outstanding cooling capacity, is very light weight and comes at a very affordable price.

Keep In Mind: This device has to be plugged in for hours for before use for best working conditions. You have to use the manual cutoff to save battery and it does not support thermostat.

These are the few options which you can consider while buying a truck refrigerator for yourself. Bagging one of the above would help you save a lot of time and money on looking for an eating joint and buying them.

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