Best Upright Freezer Review 2020

There are few factors you need to consider while deciding if to buy a chest freezer and an upright freezer. From the amount of storage space to store your freezer to the amount of food you can freeze, you’ll need to take a variety of variable in consideration to find the right deep freezer options with the advantages and features you looking for.

Our Recommendation

Danby DUFM085A2WDD1 Upright Freezer, 8.5 Cubic Feet, White
  • Environmentally friendly R600a refrigerant | Manual defrost
  • Product dimensions 23.63 W x 25.69 D x 58.75 H | Internal capacity 8.5 cu. Ft. or 241 liters | Energy consumption 247 Kwh per year | Recommended clearance from each side 5 | Suggested ambient temperature range Approx. 43 F to 86 F
  • Energy Star compliant | Mechanical thermostat
  • Integrated Door Shelving | Reversible Door Hinge
  • 3 quick freeze shelves | Scratch resistant worktop

Advantages of Chest freezers

More Food Storage – Chest freezers supports more storage space as there are less shelves and compartments. Moreover, items can be loaded on top of each other using maximum of the space available.

More Energy Efficiency – These freezers are suggestively more energy efficient when compared to upright freezers, as most are fortified with a manual defrost.

Tightly Sealed – Chest freezers stay more tightly sealed due to the gravity’s effect.


Advantages of Upright freezers

Storage Space – Upright freezers are taller when compare to chest freezers, maximizing vertical storage space in your garage.

Easy to Organize – As upright freezers often comes with shelves and bins, it helps you can arrange food effortlessly, making your food easily accessible in the deep freezer.

Accessible -People can effortlessly reach the food without having to reach down for the food they looking for unlike a deep freezer.

Here are our pick on some of the Upright freezers you may need to consider while planning to own one.




Frigidaire bids upright freezers that are a worthy option for large families. It comes with adjustable shelving, baskets and dividers making it easy for you to sort the food accordingly. Soft-freeze shelf is available in some models that help in keeping ice cream at the ideal serving temperature. This soft-freeze shelf is toward the bottom of the door and it stores food on slightly higher temperatures compared to the rest.

Frigidaire FFFH17F2QW Upright Freezer Review

This freezer helps in keeping the food frozen for over 2 days if there is a power outage. It comes with a frost- free operation and is energy efficient. The power on indicator light helps you know that the freezer is working in a glance. And its adjustable temperature control option lets you control the temperature you desire.
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Whirlpool is another popular brand and their products are comparatively smaller; however, most of their products come with Energy Star compliant and bright LED lighting.

Some of their Models come with a temperature alarm and Fast freeze functionality, which warns you if the internal temperature becomes warm and lets you instantly lower the freezer’s internal temperature.

This product helps you cut down on your utility bill due to its Energy Star compliance and energy-efficient features. An upright freezer lets you suggestively reduce wastage of foods and making the most of grocery you buy

Whirlpool 15.7-cu ft Frost-Free Upright Freezer Review

This model locks in the freshness of your cuts of meat and perishable items at a desired temperature. It comes with 5 door shelves and 3 freezer shelves helping it to be well organised and easily accessible.

Frost-free defrost feature prevents frost build-up and helps in saving time in manual defrost.
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GE FUF14DHRWW 30″ Freestanding Upright Freezer Review

General Electric (GE) bids numerous upright freezers to support you to free up space in your existing freezer and store more foods. These freezers feature radiant lighting which is warmer and less energy efficient than LED lighting.

The storage capacity of this freezer is 13.8 cubic feet and also comes with good options for small family and with limited space. GE uprights freezers are designed to make the most of the internal space, Irrespective of the freezer size you choose. Most of their products come with pullout baskets that won’t fall out of the freezer when you open the door.

Majorly, GE upright freezers  comes with a feature of adjustable shelving and multiple door bins that can hold an remarkable volume of food helping you arrange the interior according to you storage needs and preferences.

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Maytag has designed its upright freezers allowing you to maximize in freezers internal space. Its freezers come with large door shelves and adjustable shelves helping you organize and store a variety of frozen foods you want.

Being energy efficient, it can save a lot of your utility bills.

Maytag comes with several sizes options in stand-up freezers with the storage capacity varying from 15.7-cubic foot to larger models with capacities up to 20 cubic feet. Leaving you with ample options to choose from, depending on the size of your family.

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