The most energy efficient refrigerators 2020

A Refrigerator is the second-largest user of electricity in a typical household, accounting a total of 13.7% to the full electricity use, after the air conditioner which uses 14%.  And with appliances like an air conditioner you can save energy by utilising them less and only when most needed. But with arefrigerator you really cannot do that. Refrigerator is meant to keep your food fresh throughout on daily basis. So it is very important that you look for most energy efficient refrigerator.

A non-efficient refrigerator with 18 c.f. uses about 1400 kWh a year and an energy-efficient fridge uses only 350 kWh.

Here are few factors you need to look at when considering to buy a refrigerator.

Always request for an ENERGY STAR qualified model, when buying a refrigerator. To ensure it is energy efficient.

Check the label to understand how much energy the model uses. Followed by which you can compare the energy other similar model uses.  This will be you an estimate of its operating cost for a year.

Prefer a top-mounted freezer models, as they use 10 to 25% of less energy as compared to the bottom mounted side by side refrigerators.

Most importantly, buy the apt size of refrigerator, if you have a small family you can go for a small refrigerator. Remember, the larger the fridge the more energy it will use. For the most energy efficient models comes between 16 to 20 cubic feet.

Refrigerators with automatic ice-makers and through-the-door dispensers increase the energy usage by 14 to 20%.

An old refrigerator, say 10 to 20 years old ones also uses more energy, so if you have any of those which is been used, you may have to consider replacing them, having an energy efficient model not only helps the environment it also helps you in saving money on your utility bills

A high efficient refrigerator consumes 40% less energy than a regular refrigerator. That way you can save up to $150 every year. In today market, you can also find refrigerators which use as less energy as a 60 watt bulb light. So choose wisely.

Let us look at some of the most energy efficient models available,

Amana ART104TFDW refrigerator

This Amana 14.3 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator can be fit to accommodate all your storage requirements. The Humidity-Controlled Crisper Bins in this refrigerator keeps the produce out of humidity and hence they stay fresh and safe to consume for longer. It comes with bins on the door for extra storage. These bins are adjustable and can be moved and customised to store large sized bottles and give you an easy access to them.

The Temp Assured freshness controls helps to maintain consistent temperatures in the interior of the refrigerator. Maintaining this temperature is simplified by just a press of button, so it keeps you away from worry and ensures to provide you from food with its ultimate freshness.

The Spillsaver glass shelves are adjustable. These shelves make cleaning easy and can be customise to meet your storage requirements.

Humidity-controlled crisper drawers are specifically designed to keep the fruits and veggies fresh for long.

The gallon-size door bins this fridge has provides super convenient storage for large sized beverage containers

Amana ABB2224BRM 21.9 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator - Energy Star

Amana ABB2224BRM 21.9 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator – Energy Star

The total storage capacity of the refrigerator is 14.94 cu. ft.

The freezer has a Glide out freezer basket, freezer shelf and on-door storage to provide maximum frozen food storage

The door of the unit is Reversible which opens left or right. This reversible-swing doors ensures to fit flawlessly into any corner of your kitchen

The LED interior lighting in the refrigerator brightens the interior making the items more accessible.

This 2 door Bottom freezer refrigerator has 1 refrigerator compartment door and 1 freezer compartment door.


  • Humidity-Controlled Crisper Bins
  • Gallon-size door bins
  • Temp Assured freshness controls
  • Glide out freezer basket
  • Reversible Door
  • LED interior lighting
  • Energy star certified
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Blomberg BRFT1522SS refrigerator

Blomberg BRFB1150 24" 9.84 cu. ft. Counter-Depth Bottom-Freezer with 3 Spill Proof Glass Shelves 3 Freezer Drawers HygION Antibacterial and Wine Rack: Stainless Look Right

Blomberg BRFB1150 24″ 9.84 cu. ft. Counter-Depth Bottom-Freezer with 3 Spill Proof Glass Shelves 3 Freezer Drawers HygION Antibacterial and Wine Rack: Stainless Look Right

This Blomberg refrigerator has a storage capacity of 15 cu. ft. and comes with a Dual Evaporators

This high-performance refrigerator from Blomberg has a high efficient LED lighting which clearly brightens the interior and makes it easy to see and access the foods you need. The inside of the refrigerator has an hygION Antibacterial Silver Interior Coating which helps in keeping the food fresher for longer. Dual evaporators’ helps in keeping food fresh and holds its crispness and taste as it should be. It comes with 3 glass shelves, 1 crisper drawer, 2 door bins, an egg tray and 1 chrome plated wine rack in the fresh food section for ultimate storage options.

  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Counter Depth Cabinet
  • 1 Chrome Plated Wine Rack
  • 2 Clear Crisper Drawers
  • 3 Glass Shelves
  • Independent Cooling Zones
  • Dual evaporator
  • Antibacterial Interior
  • Helps keep food safer and fresher
  • ENERGY STAR Certification
  • 47 dBA Silent Operation
  • Electronic Controls
  • Field Reversible Door
  • Frost Free
  • White LED Interior Lighting

Frigidaire FFHI1831QS refrigerator

This 18 cu. ft. refrigerator comes with 2 Sliding Full-Width Spill Safe Glass Shelves which helps cleaning easy and 2 Humidity Control Crisper Drawers which keep your fruits and vegetable safe and fresh for longer. The bright LED lighting brightens the interior and makes the items inside more clear and visible. Freezer also gives flexible storage options with half width shelf and two full-width door racks.

DMAFRIGFFHI1831QS - Frigidaire 18 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

DMAFRIGFFHI1831QS – Frigidaire 18 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

This unit has a factory installed ice maker which would help you to have plenty of ice in store for you. This unit has 2 Full-width sliding Spill Safe glass shelves which helps in keeping the food well organised and also makes cleaning easy.


  • 2 Humidity-Controlled Crisper Drawers
  • 3 Full-width racks
  • Dairy compartment
  • LED light
  • Reversible door option
  • Energy star certified
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